Wednesday, 19 October 2011

tHiS StoRy FoR My TrulY LoVe..HeK3

Ohh My Dear!! 

hehe..try u look at this pic..hehe are u like it 
or like this colours or both of them??, actually, this is your favourite 
colour right, u have talk that u like green 

colour n u want to decide a green "pelamin" if wedding in future..n i like it ur ideas..hehe, 

day per days i search internet suddenly i found this i catch it to give it to u.. 

actually, i also want to have house like this..its beautiful right??hehe

then!! u try look besides, its beautiful room 
right?? so,i think if have a money, i want to be 

my house like this!! i know that u like it..But!! 
maybe u said this house is very expensive to 

get it..hmhhh..maybe i become sulking with 
your said ..then finally u have to persuade me 

..huh!! besnyer..but!! i have a question in my 
mind??? can i get it the house like this..hehe

lastly for my love in below have many designed, if u agree u call me k..muaahhahahaha

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