Wednesday, 19 October 2011

DaY Per DaY I'm WaitiNg My REsult n HaVE pRobLeMs Cases

hARI yANg AmAt MeNtEnsiONkAN...huh!!!! yG LAeN dApAt TAw rESuLt tP kITe nyErr X lehH..HUHU

then wHen I caLL kUIs sHe said: mArA has been bank in the payment to student for fee studies!! HUH!!... i don't know when MaRa bank in the money, if i know early maybe i pay to kuis quickly!!huh..when i talking wif the kuis employee's, they like give answer that changeable everyday n make my mind crazy!!..another people have give another reasons!!! now!! my result cannot be found it..FUhhh!! i'm very NerVoUSss!! many student talk about this sem are very difficult to achieve it!! about me?? i feel i can do it whatever they said it's difficult..bacause my Mom Always Said: aLL studies in the world are difficult if u say it,if u say will be easy finally..ermm, i hope my result have strong  because it's very important to my life n my ambition in the future..tomorrow I Can GiVe The Kuis The PayMent that Mara GIve!!! the problem can be solve it.. huhuhu!~!~ N I hOpE My ResULt Can be seen tomorrow..I'm truly Waiting 4 U,owh!! my result..hehe

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